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Welding Quality Management Organization Responsibilities


Welding quality management organization responsibilities

Project chief engineer
Responsible for the organization of the welding staffing, the development of rules and regulations, clear the duties of the personnel,
Responsible for the daily operation of the welding quality system and implementation of quality plans to achieve the planned control; technical, quality problems to be confirmed, approved corrective measures.

Welding Engineer
Responsible for on-site welding technology management, welding process assessment, preparation of welding instructions and welding technical measures to guide the welding operation, to participate in welding quality management, welding technology to deal with the problem.

Welding machine
Construction Worker
Responsible for the construction unit, on-site installation and construction, is responsible for the construction of the integrated management team, the construction site of the various types of work in accordance with operating instructions in an orderly cross-operation; responsible for on-site protection of finished products; organization and installation of on-site process transfer; responsible for project construction and production Coordinated management.

Responsible for the technical management of the installation site, supervise the construction process and discipline according to the project team work instruction (construction process card), report the problems in the construction process timely, compile, compile and submit the original technical data of the construction site; The installation site inspection and acceptance before and after the handover process; a total of points, before the stop self-test and timely to the project team to provide technical information.

Quality Officer:
The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall contact with the construction unit and the supervision unit, and shall be responsible for the quality inspection and quality control of the installation project. The construction and operation of the quality system shall be carried out in accordance with the quality inspection and testing plan. The implementation and result confirmation of the corrective measures shall be implemented. , Control of key personnel qualifications (especially welders)
And the use of key materials, and timely notification of the project manager, project manager, chief engineer, construction unit, the quality of supervision information, overall responsibility for quality management, site quality inspection and acceptance, timely inspection, fill in the relevant records;

Welding Manager
Responsible for the quality of self-inspection unit welding, welding quality to correct the problem of self-test process. On-site welding operations to conduct a comprehensive inspection and control, responsible for determining the weld detection site, assessing the quality of welding,
The issuance of inspection documents, participation in welding technology measures validation.

Material responsible person
The overall responsibility for the construction site welding of the arrival of the acceptance, inspection, and welding of the recipients, custody, baking, distribution and the establishment of the material management system and operation.

Non - destructive testing person in charge
Responsible for on-site non-destructive testing technology management, non-destructive testing program, process cards, quality assurance measures, the preparation of non-destructive testing technical issues, sorting, submit nondestructive testing data, supervise the nondestructive testing process, the implementation of discipline, the issuance of test reports.

Welding personnel
Responsible for the implementation of the construction tasks undertaken by this type of work, in accordance with the project team welding work instructions (welding process card) for construction operations, timely reporting of the construction process problems, responsible for the installation of on-site procedures before handover.

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