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Slitting Machine Operating Procedures

Slitting Machine operating procedures
Safety Precautions:
1, when the operation of the machine, the operator Do not touch the rotating parts, blade
2, the machine repair, adjustment, be sure to turn off the main power, to prevent misuse
3, the operator shall not be allowed to leave, in case of emergency, press the emergency stop button and troubleshooting.

4, make sure before starting several computers according to whether a firm, if the same power supply voltage, whether the mold compound specifications. Are all parts adjusted correctly

Slitting machine

After 1, depending on the desired cutting width and number of frames, will prepare a good core is attached to the winding shaft and the winding shaft disposed within the winding seat, arranged for good volumes bits curse, with cone Dingding until. Press the button knife slipped,
So that the pressure roll to take-up roller surface.
2, adjusting for the lower knife so that each of the core tube seam edge with rewinding shaft eleven pairs, and then to lock the knife. The same adjustment on the arbor, the upper and lower knife incorporation depth of about 1.5mm. The upper blade close to uniform clamping force.
3, the discharge axis feed through into the roll core, the swash volume in the middle position, then the top tight ends apex, which was placed on the upper feed arm, press the button on the material, it will roll automatically put in the material base, the rotation axis hand wheel adjustment, seasoning volume in the middle of the aircraft.
4, according to the road map process threading substrate through hair cutter, the rotary hand wheel on the arbor, the substrate through the incision, and will be banners ends after cutting through the guide rolls, roll to roll lead, stick affixed to each corresponding winding core (same make each banners pretension level).
5, before winding engaging power, the power to run the machine empty for five minutes, check the operation of the machine parts without foreign body, obstacles, and various parts of the lubrication operation.
6, the motor speed control knob to the minimum, open magnetic powder brake tension controller switch, it is set tension value, and then close the rolling power, slow speed rise steadily to a higher speed. At any time of the winding disc diameter
Increases, decreases motor speed to ensure a constant speed tangential points.
7, a roll of material after slitting, rewinding disengage power, press the discharge button, the roll will automatically by a hydraulic arm under steady roll to the ground.
8, good duty equipment operation and production record daily output of registration.
9, good sanitation duty, set-management equipment and clean work.
10, before work, turn off the power switch

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